The quantity is better than the larger, it's better to understand these concepts.

Issuing time:2020-01-06 00:00

With the development of the new era, the network age is becoming more and more colorful, and people are becoming more and more dependent on the network, which makes people more and more trustworthy on the network. In many aspects, in fact, it is the same thing for some related quantities of information. To be honest, I don't know which place it is. We can only rely on the Internet era to determine a series of understanding. Let the people know what size can explain, what can bring to our lives, and be able to understand, and then operate into our current lives to see what convenience it can bring us. In fact, the question of whether the quantity is large or small is actually the stock quantity. For this problem, I personally think that each has its own advantages and disadvantages.

The larger the amount of stock, what problem can it explain? The amount is a specific indicator used to indicate the corresponding number of transactions. It refers to the amount of successful trading after the opening of the stock market. The change in the amount is actually for individual shares. An indication of the level of activity. Generally, when the stock is pulled up, a high level of volume generally appears. Some people who often play will find some secrets, but I ca n’t find it, so the amount is good or good. It ’s better to be small. The most important thing is that we can see the volume in the market. We can find some problems in the flow of funds in the market from the top of the volume, and we can find the changes in the volume in time.

For this good or bad we have a professional calculation formula that can be used to calculate it. The larger the amount is, the more the inflow of funds on the day is, and the more active the market is. The lower the performance will be, through this analysis we can see whether the quantity is high or low.

The conclusion obtained through the calculation of the formula is that the larger the quantity, the better, and it should not be too large, and it cannot collapse.

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